Thursday, September 16, 2010

Presentations 2009-2010

•Madison Distance Learning Conference; Pre-Conference Workshop and Lightning Session, Aug 2010

•Sloan-c Emerging Technologies Conference, July, 2010

•Blended Pre-Conf Invited Workshop Sloan-C ALN, Oct 2009

•Faculty Dev Invited Session Workshop Sloan-C ALN, Oct 2009

•Mentoring Online Session Sloan-C ALN, Oct 2009

•Faculty Dev Post-Conf Workshop Sloan-C ALN, Nov 2009

•Pre-Conference Workshop and Session, Annual Conference on Distance Learning and Teaching, Madison, WS, Aug 2009

•Social Media Online 10 day Workshops Sloan-C, June 2009

•Pre-Conf Workshop, Sloan-C Emerging Technologies Conference, San Francisco, June 2009